Step One

Get your EPOS product

You need to own an EPOS headset that is bought in 2020. The following products gives you access to the EPOS esports masterclasses: GSP 300 Series, GSP 370, GSP 350, GSP 600 Series, GSP 670, GSP 500, GSP 550, GAME ONE, GAME ZERO and PC 373D.

Step two

Find the serial number

On the outside of the product package, find the small sticker that says Ser. No. or S/N followed by a 10-digit number. This number will be your code for registration. If you have a product bought in 2020 you will be able to find the product ID or serial number either inside the headband, earcup or on the microphone boom. If the product ID have more than 10 digits, you just need to use the last two lines (one letter and 9 numbers)

If you are experiencing any problems with your serial number access, please contact us, and we can help.

Send us an email

Step three


Enter your details, along with your EPOS Gaming Headset serial number to redeem access to the Masterclasses beginning January 9, 2021.

Already bought a product? Then register now.


Step four

Enjoy the masterclasses

You are ready to engage with the best. The first masterclass takes place on January 9, 2021. Register to receive an email reminder to join the class.