Welcome summoners! Prepare to hone your skills through unknown tricks and strategies to improve your team-based MOBA gameplay and secure sweet victories with the League of Legends Masterclass.

Tap into the minds of professional esport players Cloud9 Zven, the first player to win a championship in both the Europe and North America League of Legends Championships, and SK Gaming top laner Jenax, first place winner of the Summoner’s Inn League Season Two as they teach you how to improve your chances of securing wins.

In this Masterclass, you will hear essential fundamentals to gain a competitive edge by learning about the early game, mid to late game, and other general tips in order to execute flawless teamfights and secure kills insider tips from two of League of Legends’ best professional players.


Host: James Banks.
Talent: Jenax and Robert "Blaber" Huang

James Banks 


The masterclass will be hosted by renowned James Banks who has been in the scene for a long time, and recently took the final step up as a top tier talent. James has amongst other things been hosting the latest BLAST tournament.



Jenax is one the best top laners in Europe. He is joined the SK Academy team in January 2019, while the organisation stepped back into League of Legends again. His favourite champion is Aatrox. Throughout the years, Jenax showed his skills while switching positions between Mid Lane and Top Lane within the LEC.

Robert "Blaber" Huang


Robert "Blaber" Huang is the LCS jungler for Cloud9. In Spring 2020, he helped the team with the LCS Championship and was also named the League MVP. His favorite champion to play is Lee Sin.

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